"there goes your little queer friend"

i love gay amogus!!!

wow ok this is kind of embarrasing. i think the last shrine i made was the cygate one? yeah. this is. sad. making among us shrines. sorry. anyway, this shrine is supposed to be more akin to older personal website design, like geocities-era-ish. it fits white. kind of! i dunno i think hes just a lil silly :P

anyway enough about all the embarrassment im gonna feel publicizing this shrine, this is for White Imposter from FNF: Vs Impostor! I know its kind of sad to know this shrine is both for fnf AND among us. but i couldnt help it its my new hyperfix for the next 3 months. hes... not a character i thought id like, since hes not very developed even if you count all of the versions of the mod, but... hes just a silly little guy and you love him for that :3 you acknowledge he's an imposter since, well he kills someone, and is shown with black, as they are seen in double kill with him! the only dialogue you see of him is at the end of d'low, killing yellow, and when he talks to boyfriend and girlfriend at the beginning of oversight. he's shown to be generally short-tempered and very murderous, getting angry at boyfriend quite easily. iguess thats why i like him so much? cus hes angry all the time?? and gay?? but like i hate the other imposters besides pink. Something is strange i dont really understand i guess a force called me over to him... hggng hes so
babygirl. maybe its cus of angelvee ok anyway. white doesnt have a lot but none of the imposters
do besides black i guueees. i dont think it matters! whatever i just. i want u guys to know how much
of a silly this guy is. best imposter (lie) in the entire mod.


oh also white's songs r kind of mid so im playing d'low sorry i know its not white its yellow

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