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I LOVE TWEWY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have ALOT to talk about of this game so PLS bare with me. and i will only be talking about the first game since i like it a lot more and ive played it alot more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the world ends with you is my favorite game of all time. this is the first game that ive willingly replayed over and over again because its just SssSO FUCKING FUN TO PLAY?!?!??????? i was introduced to this a while back, some few years ago by my cousin who lent me their unused ds cartidges to play. i thought the game sounded boring at first and wasn't my type of thing, but one night out of a whim i decided to play it and LORD i was hooked. its a action rpg with an amazing plot and wonderful charm even though its a square enxi game and squenix is kiiinda. rlly bad with their newer games (balan wonderworld) this game oozes so much fucking personality !! i wont spoil alot but the gameplay is super addicting for a ds game!! it starts off a bit overwhelming having to fight on both of your screens but once you get the hang of it its genuinely so fun to just chain a bunch of noise (enemies in the game) and kick their ass.
AND THE DIALOGUE BRO? the characters and dialouge are both fucking amazing !! the characters are likable and although some of them start off as huge assholes you learn to love them as the game progresses with the amount of charm and story that oozes from this game. ill show some of my favorite screencaps from this game hold on ....

joshua and neku is my favorite partner pair .. ^^;;
the dialouge is amazing, the plot is wonderful and made me cry at some points, the characters are wonderfully written and the OST. THE SOUNDTRACK DUDE!!! i love twewy music it makes me so fucking nostalgic

tl;dr: PLAY TWEWY!! NOEW!!!!