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the characters in this ship are Medkit and Gumball! Belonging to a (nonexistent) object show called TUG (The Ultimate Gamble), these two are teammates and are. .. they are streaight people grraahh theyre npt my yaoi / yuri couple BUT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH i think i am a sucker for hopeless himbo romantics but i cannot help itt THEIR SO CUTE TOGEHTER ?? its practically canon love wins heartz helped me come up with their ship name and theyve drawn ship art of them and its implied in the scripts AND TRHE FUCKITHYF JSTRAIGHT POPL SOM UCH OH MY GOD OH MY LORDY LORD ..../. :3 :#: :#:#:# lemme.. explain them rq

Gumball is a sweet girl, very very supportive as well as athletic. She does her best not to cause or to intervene in fights (speculation), and her good friends on her team are Medkit and Ketchup.

Medkit is a himbo :3, he's highly talented in the medical field as well as physically trained above most standards, yet he acts like a hopeless romantic and constantly flirts and calls the rest of his teammates by pet names, being generally lovey as a whole. It is disgusting. I hate him.

these two... i. .i cant tdesxcribe them i really cant its just so cute THEYRE SO CUTE THJOIEKJRDHFNOJKRF NVGSDLDIGHJL i will die for them they have a cute dynamic its g-g-g-g-g-g-girlboss (vomits) x silly boy hopelessly in love ITS SO CUTE I LOVE THEM ?? i wish i could give examples of ships thatd make u guys understand them better.. :(
OHOH here r some rosebandaid moments !!! :) i think theyre rlly cute and i want all of u guys to ship them wheteher u like it or not fuck you die

and heres some art of both gumball and medkit ! (will always be a wip theyre on my mind twenty four seven)

drawn by the wonderful madeinheartz ! :)

FUCKIGN SHIP THEM OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AAAAAEUEUEUEUE them !!! :) i hope you understand their dynamic a bit more ... Anyway . them !!!

Genuinely, I love Rosebandaid so much. They are the sunflowers to my sun, the corals to my reef, the boom to my box, my everything. What would I do without them? What if there was a day where MadeOf_Heartz woke up and the thought of even creating The Ultimate Gamble didn't cross their mind? What if Gumball was never a concept in their mind? Or Medkit? What if Heartz never even thought of letting these two cross paths in the scripts? What if they weren't even on the same team? What if Medkit was still stuck on Black team? What would happen then? I can't live without these two. I wake up with the happy sun bellowing in the sky and letting its ray rest on my resting face, my mind at ease knowing that these two are real, they are characters that have interacted, and they will keep interacting until I die. Without these two, my life would have changed for the worst, it would have rapidly declined, and I wouldn't have at least 80% of the happiness I have now. I am nothing without these two, my body is hollow, it is a husk, it is barren, and it is stripped away of any pride, joy, lust, loyalty, empathy, sympathy, serotonion without the knowledge of Medkit and Gumball from TUG. It

ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO MADEIN_HEARTZ , HI HEARTZ HI HELLO HIIII HI HEY You know what? I'm just going to say it. This server fucking sucks. I don't give a shit if the admins will mute me or if I get banned, but I want to get my message across, because it amazes me how many idiots in this server have a poor taste in quality. This server is like a fucking mental ward, and you all need to seek help. It's always the same damn shit everyday, and nothing new ever comes out of anyone's shriveled brains. Where are all the dank memes? Where are all of the good jokes? Where is all the dark humour? All I see is the same fucking Tumblr screenshots, and it's honestly boring as fuck. ALL of you are boring as fuck, if I'm being frank. I have pity for your parents, because I wouldn't question how would I able to nurture someone so milquetoast and ignorant for 18 years without putting a bullet through my head. You're all lame as fuck. I feel more stupider interacting with you all, and I wouldn't want to spend another second in this toxic atmosphere. Hell I'm actually glad this group exists. It keeps all the unfunny pricks away from the server that appreciate quality in their content. I hope you all get drafted and never come back. I'm done with you assholes.