guys im sorry ab the webcxore aesthetic kawaii windows 95 layou do u forgive

wowwww ok i will try to keep this short! hello, this is another oc ship shrine because apparently all my otps are ocs? i dunno, im getting around to adding canon ships soon! anyway, RADIOSTATIC!!!! this is the ship between alphavee and deltavee, two.. uh, accquaintances? colleagues? im not sure, but they got to know each other after becoming disciples of this one dude called angelvee (hes certainly a charmer)!
their canon interactions arent very known, but from what i can deduct, its that theyre good buddies who are only slightly homoerotic. since alpha is a mechanic of sorts and delta is prone to getting into accidents involving his hardware, i like to think that alpha usually helps the dude so he doesnt die due to like, water damage or something! :D
i think they care a lot about each other, but since theyre. yknow. disciples, they cant really be out and about with their relationship D: closeted gay people for the time being (or the rest of their life)!

i cant really give more info ab them since i dont think theres even been like a completed documentation of a deltalpha interaction so let me just list facts ab them (both fanon and canon)

- they have a child (his name is betavee!)
- delta legit has the biggest and sloppiest crush on alpha i can confirm he has 5 terabytes of alphavee on his hardware
- uhhh gay
- at least theyre not deathpenalty
- uh i dont play team fortess 2 is this like heavy x medic
- bruabba
- deltavee is asexual
there really was no need for this one but i will credit anyway!!

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