banner cover done by omyo!
sticker art is done by mac!! the stickers they drew r so amazing so happy i could get their art on here !!
ok. I do nawt like them. Sorry i do i love ronpoi but !! GRAHH!!! I DONT WANNA BE MENTALLY ILL ENOUGH TO BE SHRINING ABOUT THEM!! THEYRE GAY!! embarrasing. Anyway.
RonPoi, or PoiRon, or Melonsoda if you're a bitch and want to be fancy, is a ship between Keine Ron and Matsudappoiyo. They're both UTAUs!! I know it's kinda silly to ship vsynths together cus they're just robots and don't have any defining lore BUT !! not them!! They're canonically childhood best friends along with Matsudappoine!!! And !!And they're also Super homoerotic. U gots to believe me. they r. Im so rite.
i never felt particularly bargained ab them even when i was like 9 and looking at utaus i thought poiyo was ugly . As hell. But overtime i had one of my best friends talk more and more about them and i was like 'Wow, theyr'e actually kind of silly'. And then i got roped into the horrible ronpoi-tism. i LOVE their contrasts in just. design. appearance. personality. voices. EVERYTHING. like HONEST TO GOD i adore their contrasting cus they work so well together but also theyre sodifferent but thats what makes them. So. Fuckking GOOD. AQND WHEN theyre tuned rite its like Oh y goddness Heaven just graced me with the beautiful blessing of gay robot. the song playing rn is one ofm y favrotie ronpoi duets And i love the channel who tunes them!! They are wonderful with their covers and Please listen to more of them. i've even wrote a fanfic of them!! tho its not that good i kind of rushed it!! D:. Here r. some of my favorite covers of them! i ngeernal i prefer rons voice a lot but togetehr theyre so good dn just. Pls. PLSS.

(does that count as a duet? i guess but i mean its more of like backing vocals)

and here are just some covers of them seperately i like a lot :)

i've even wrote a fanfic of them!! tho its not that good i kind of rushed it!! D:
in conclusion. I rlly. rlly like ronpoi bcus of. Ok look they just like puzzle pieces and i love them its so cute. Yeah thats my mentally ill shrine ramble for today im dying now

Calc made me do this shrine I mean i dont rerget it but DAMN sotop being so FUCKING MENTALLY ILL!! hii thsi shrine is mostly dedicated to them. Hai gigles



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