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wow ... cygate huh? i have stooped far. one of my otps is a transformers ship? sad. very sad. ok! so i have a LOT to talk about this ship. its one of those ships that immortalize in your brain, even if youve stopped liking it as much as you did in the past.
CYGATE is the ship between tailgate and cyclonus, primarily being canon in the transformers comic series, more than meets the eye and lost light . although not being official until the end of lost light, there was still some very hinted at moments through the comics. they started off as accidental roomates aboard the lost light who, didnt really hit it off well, but bonded slowly over old cybertronian songs and stories!
cyclonus is a brute warrior, one of the strongest on the lost light, but not one for communication. he usually just stands infront of a window and stares. tailgate is all smiles and super enthusiastic, someone who started off as useless but soon became one of the strongest people on the ship as well! i am a sucker for sun x moon....

i think their relationship started becoming apparent in uh... issue 21 of mtmte? i wont go super spoilery if ppl are intending to read it but their relationship is so beautifully written, nothings ever rushed and their pining is very apparent, especially in the last few issues of mtmte..
uhh.. i dunno what else to ramble ab but i love love LOVE !! cygate soo much!! ppl tend to dislike the ship for a 'mental age gap' or that 'cyclonus is better with whirl' or something, in which:
those who say that there is an age gap in cygate are trying to find ways to baby and infantilize tailgate. him and cyclonus are around the same age, over millions of years old, and of course there are some mental gaps in each other, tailgate was literally stuck in a cave for 6 million years?? :sob: like in the beginning he knew little to nothing about the war of decepticons and autobots because he was ISOLATED when the war was going on.. like no one saw him and he didnt see anyone ... but that doesnt mean he's a baby?? when have u ever seen him go 'googoo gaagaa feed me milky' in the comics. i am TIRED of ppl who want to hyperfeminize or infantilize tailgate simply bcus hes a minibot and unaware of his surroundings.. like u know damn well .
also, cywhirl is also cute :) ship whatever you want!


HEAVY spoilers, obviously!



if m crazy enough i might make sum cygate buttons.. but for now ! enjoy the shrine :D!

i blame cursedman for my problems. >:(

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