wow! hello, welcome to my site! summer has ended and winter is in watch! or something? the seasons of this site is a little backwards. watch your step please- html is VERY messy and i don't want you tripping over any exposed wires or something! i'm the sitewizard, dazed, or whatever you wanna call me! this is a project dedicated personally to me and how i wanna express myself without the limits of carrd. html / css is very rusty for me as i havent been keeping up as much as i want, and this version of the site (ugly black and white one), is a major wip and will be a placeholder for what comes in the future! just felt like i needed to brush up again sooner than never... if you have any questions, leave them in my cbox or my site profile! i will answer ... just about anything! safe travel, and have a good day!

creator of the (neocities) version of the planedatabase! pls check it out :)