well hello! please watch your step, and make sure to relax and have a snack! thank you for visiting my corner of the web, i supposed i should start with an intro of sorts... im dazed! but i prefer any other name you can think of as well :) ive coded this webbed page as a way to express and also refine my skills in an area that i find interest in.. my coding is a lil' shabby since i havent been doing it as often as i should, but i still seek a lot of entertainment in it! :D i enjoy expressing my creativity through many outlets and i thought that restrictive website building like carrd just doesnt suit me. i want to make it by scratch!! isnt that cool? building stuff online from scratch without any form of money... its so cool i think its so cool!! anyway thats enough about me, please have a safe travel throughout our WORLD WIDE WEB! hope to see you stop by again soon!

creator of the (neocities) version of the planedatabase! pls check it out :)