pls take note that most of my art is mostly just mine or others ocs. i cant remember the last time i drew anything else... ^^;;

date: january 2nd 2023
feat: juicebox
lyrics are from lamp's 20 year old love :)

date: january 6th 2023
feat: allister (alien10) ((my persona!))
i have a really bad addiction to dr pepper. or any cherry flavored soda.

date: january 7th 2023
feat: sora & py (the pink computer demon and the fire lollipop dude), (ocs belongs to klipp), caution sign & floyd (two triangles, ocs belong to me)
noncanon, still kinda like this piece but not rlly

date: january 14th 2023
feat: i forgor their name but klipp oc
i love backgrounds :)

date: january 22nd 2023
feat: juicebox
youre either with me or DEAD hug me bring it in wooo would you listen up would you (the bkg has low-opacity transformers yaoi)

date: feburary 18th, 2023
feat:moxie (pink cat robot belongs to klipp), floyd (triangle belongs to me), jelly filled donut (beige donut thing belongs to misfortune_silly_life)
icons i did for an object camp! it Died but i like how it looks so

date: feburary 19th 2023
feat: rome (belogns to me)
the way i motivate myself to draw actual good pieces is so i can do those 'annual art summaries' and flex on how my art is (Very slowly) improving

date: feburary 20th 2023
feat: juicebox
:3 for my toyhouse

date: feburary 23rd 2023
feat: lightbulb and paintbrush (characters from inanimate insanity)
I LOVE LIGHTBRUSH!! i did the entire ship wiki for them as well around thsi time i love thm

date: feburary 28th 2023
feat: videre (belogns to me)

date: march 8th 2023
feat: amai (oc belongs to klipp)
i dont like this piece anymore... i dont like this CHARACTER. actually. but. whatever its improvement

date: march 19th 2023
feat: bmt-72 (my oc)
ugh i dont care, lyrics r from vylet pony's creekflow :)

date: march 31st 2023
feat: lampshade (my oc)
i was SO proud of this when i made it. its cute now but .. ew. Eww i hate GIRL

date: april 2nd 2023
feat: fanfic (my oc), mirror (cursedplaguedoctor oc)
i got procreate at this time! it was an early birthday gift- and this took a coupel days but im.. meh about it. idk how to use procreate

date: april 13th 2023
feat: magic wand (my oc, design belongs to arachfang on toyhouse)

date: april 30th 2023
feat: heart (my oc)
this one just got weird proportions.. but i like the shading :3

date: may 14th 2023
feat: johnathan (oc bwlngs to lumcatrolls on toyhouse)

date: may 15th 2023
feat: forget me not, party light

date: may 18th 2023
feat: rose, leah (ocs by cursedplaguedoctor)
art i did for my friends upcoming object show I love them

date: may 20th, 2023
feat: banvee (my oc)
i dont like to upload character refs i make on here (if u wanna see a lot more of my art go to right here), but this one i rlly like so

date: may 25th 2023
feat: hammy phone (my oc)
im running out of things to put here

date: may 25th 2023
feat: angel juicebox Yoy know
h;ep , MEAAUAHGGHGGSDFSF i hate thsi piece so much die dei diei

date: may 26th 2023
feat: heart (my oc) tick (cursepdplaguedoctor oc)
icons i did for lesbian oouple i LOVE THEM

date: may 27th 2023
feat: heart

date: may 27th 2023
feat: ace :3

date: may 27th 2023
feat: misery (oc belogns to Kazpurrz on toyhouse)
pagedoll request

date: may 27th 2023
feat: rose
number 3 i dont like u

date: may 28th 2023
feat: cherry pap

date: may 28th 2023

date: may 30th 2023
feat: rook (oc me)
i like. girl

date: june 4th 2023
feat: forget me not
scrapped banner for my website!ended up liking the black n white one more

date: june 6th 2023
feat: jb

date: june 8th 2023
feat: cup (oc me)
dsfdsfsdfawda cAlien

date: june 11th 2023
feat: rook , notebook
im bisexual

date: june 13th 2023
feat: bleu (oc me)

date: june 13th 2023
feat: oc 1 oc 2

date: june 13th 2023
feat: velvet (oc belnogs 2 me designed by grubsona)
klike BAhbfddfxsdzf

date: june 18th 2023
feat: cornelius clock , tall man (ocs belong to madeinheartz)

date: june 20th 2023
feat: top hat (oc me)
:3 mouse + mspaint challenge

date: june 21st 2023
feat: cup
inspired by kikuo's UFO